Hold On

by sleepy josh

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released January 12, 2013

Written by Josh Ehrmann
Recorded and Mixed by Chuck Parson
Subtly produced by the Double Dribble Dream Team.
Mastered by Chad Wahlbrink

Recorded in St. Louis, MO over the course of 2012 in an apartment, on a porch, in a greenroom, and live in the best basement ever.

All instruments were recorded by Josh except for the harp, which was recorded by the most wonderful and super-rad, Danielle Taylor Williams and the spacey keys at the end of "The Ohio River" which were played and thought up by Chuck Parson himself.



all rights reserved


sleepy josh Nashville, Tennessee

Keep it simple. Keep it true.

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Track Name: Listen Pt. 3
You speak so softly.
Track Name: The Ohio River
We stood atop a hill and ran down, down to the river.
We took our shirts off and walked in, into the river.
All while our mother talked to her sister who was serving the Lord over the ocean.
Down in the river we snuck onto a boat just to jump off

And I thought to myself that it doesn't matter where I go...

I saw my Father on top of the boat in a crown and a robe looking down on His children.
Me and my brothers all started yelling, "We'll never obey You until You jump in!"
With a smile He took off His clothes, gloriously exposed as one of us
and in a soft tone spoke to us alone
and said,

"I'm already in."
"The water surrounding, the earth, and the sky all things are in Me and all things am I."
Track Name: Penguins (live)
Headlights only shine so far, ten miles ahead its still dark.
I know that its just a dream but its a shame to ever sleep at the wheel
because I know what we see now is just as beautiful as anything we'll ever see.
The present is forever, this moment is eternity.

Hold on as it comes, as it comes to you by grace.
Hold on, life is precious. Life is endless.
Track Name: Autumn
A cold wind blows in the leaves, the crickets talk and the wind chimes sing along.
Here I sit in the cold and I hear you talk soft and slow. You said "Everything is fine, the leaves are dying but I'm bring new life to all."

...and everyone is asleep in the house with no lights on.
Track Name: New Words
I've thought of driving back to the dock ever since we let go of eachother.
But I know that you're not cold even though your blanket is gone, even though I don't hold you in my arms like I used to.
There is a candle lit, gather up some leaves and twigs and burn it brighter. Stand close to that fire and let the light shine.
We've nothing to regret even though we've misstepped and will again and again for all of time. Let the light shine.
Track Name: On the Bright Side
When I see it from above, looking down on where I was, I'll light a fire at the top to let you know that life is not to be feared or fled.